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 HR ExpertPeople Partner
What's the investment?Starts
from £250
purchase furosemide lasix
Bespoke service
price on request
purchase furosemide lasix
Contractual Tie - in12 Months12 Months
Your Personal HR Expert - who gets to know you and your business
24/7 Access to 'The HR Hub' - the most comprehensive set of online HR resources at your fingertips, including; disciplinary letters, maternity letters, checklists and much more...
Updating of HR Policies - annual review and update of your HR Policies to ensure they are in line with current employment legislation
How to guides - easy to understand step by step guides to deal with procedures such as; managing absence, conducting disciplinary meetings to make your life easier
People Check- Up - your personal HR expert will review your documents when you join to ensure your business is protected and legal
Telephone support - take away the stress and talk over your staff issues with you personal HR ExpertUnlimitedUnlimited
HR Administration - your personal HR Expert will provide all of this for you.They will write offer letters, employment contracts, monitor probation periods, calculate holidays, manage absence and much more. They are you outsourced HR departmentx
HR Policies & Employment contract - the HR policies you need for business including; Disciplinary, Grievance, Absence, Maternity, Paternity Adoption & Parental leavex
Email support - email your personal HR Expert with any staff queries or questions you haveUnlimitedUnlimited
Web based HR System - it is easy to access wherever you are. Holiday requests, absence management, staff memos, reposts and HR documents; you can handle everything with just a few clicks all managed by your personal HR Expertx
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