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Is Your Nursery HR Up To Scratch?

Here’s the problem with nursery HR – it’s very easy to get left behind.

Maybe you had some contracts drawn up a while ago, or maybe you went online, found some templates and did them yourself.

But if push came to shove, would those documents do exactly what you need them to do?

If you don’t know, you need to find out.

The truth is that employment law changes regularly, and so do your goals, which is why it’s vital to regularly review you HR documents to make sure that:

  1. They’re still legally compliant
  2. They still do what you need them to do.

Your Nursery HR Healthcheck

At HR 4 Nurseries, we offer a one-off HR Healthcheck, where we go through all of your documentation with a fine toothcomb, exposing any errors or weaknesses and giving you recommendations to ensure that your nursery is protected by your HR documentation.

If you’re not sure your documents are up to scratch, you need to find out:

  • Peace of mind – until you know for sure if your documents protect you, you won’t have complete peace of mind, knowing that if the worst were to happen, you wouldn’t be protected, and you could end up in a hot water and an employment tribunal.
  • Firm foundation – no doubt you’re ambitious, and you want your nursery to be as successful as possible. But how do you know if you’re building your empire on sand or not?  More than most businesses, nurseries are people businesses, and if you don’t have a firm foundation to build your team on, the whole thing could collapse.
  • Staff retention – research shows that staff thrive when they’re given a clear brief, and know exactly what’s expected of them, and with the right HR documentation, you can build a happy, healthy team that want to work hard for you to achieve the nursery’s goals.

Does your HR need a Healthcheck?

When we check your HR for you, you’ll get a bespoke report, highlighting your areas of weaknesses and providing recommendations for how you can improve them, so you’ll get complete clarity on the right way forward.

If you suspect that what you’ve got in place isn’t tiptop, then it’s best to get that sorted sooner rather than later.  Call us now on 01980 878698 or email us at to talk to us about our HR Healthcheck service.