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Working with HR 4 Nurseries – how we help you build a thriving, profitable nursery business.

At HR 4 Nurseries, we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to people management.

We know that different nurseries have different needs, and need varying levels of support, and we’re flexible enough to accommodate that, making sure that you’re getting the service you need.

That being said, all our services are designed to:

  • Give you peace of mind – the threat of an employment tribunal looms large in the 21st century, and we’ve seen too often how devastating that can be for nursery businesses.

When you work with HR 4 Nurseries, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got all the Is dotted and the Ts crossed.

  • Make your business better and stronger – as we all know, a team is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why our people management services are designed to make each link of your chain as strong as possible, and help you deal legally and properly with any weak link.
  • Save you time, stress and hassle – make no mistake, HR is hugely time-consuming, and if you’re not an expert, you’ll always have the worry that you’re not doing it right.

When you work with HR 4 Nurseries, we take all the people management work off your desk and bring it onto ours, saving you hours of time every month.  Plus, because we’re all HR professionals, you can rest assured that all of that work is being done right, every time.

HR 4 Nurseries Services

Employment Contracts & Handbooks For Nurseries

Like most things, the key to a successful HR strategy is a firm foundation, and that’s why we work with our clients to provide them with exactly that.

Once you’ve got high quality employment contracts and handbooks drawn up, as well as policies and procedures, you’re in a very strong position.

Add in core values, which are communicated properly to your team, and you’re protected, legal and primed for success.

Ongoing HR Support For Nurseries

Employing your own HR Manager is expensive – you can expect to pay upwards of £3,000 a month for the privilege.

The truth is that most nurseries can’t justify or sustain that level of investment, which leaves them two options: do it in house or outsource it to someone else.

In reality, doing HR in-house is doomed to failure.  The person tasked with HR will always be doing it as a ‘side of desk’ activity, and because they don’t have lots of HR experience, they’re unlikely to do it very effectively, even if they were putting the time into it.

That’s why most nurseries choose to outsource, and if you’re looking for the right business to work with on HR, what better than a bona fide nursery specialist?

Our ongoing HR support gives you on-tap HR help, meaning you can pick up the phone or drop us an email and we’ll help you with any ‘people problem’ you have within your nursery.

As a retained monthly client, you’ll also get access to our member-only portal, which is full of templates, letters and checklists for you to download and use.

Ad Hoc Support

Some people just want to chat to an advisor, without any extras or additions, and if that’s you, that’s fine – you can buy a 15-minute block of time to get the advice you need from our team – just click here to buy now.

HR Consultancy For Nurseries

In addition to the services above, we also provide consultancy services for more complex projects, from TUPE, to restructuring, through to cultural change.

If it’s related to people management within nurseries, we’re highly likely to have experience in it, so whatever you’d like us to consult on, we’re more than capable.

Your Next Step

Whatever HR support you need for your nursery right now, rest assured that we can help.  Give us a call today on 01980 878698, or email us at and we’ll be happy to talk through your situation.