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Running a nursery safely, legally and profitably has never been more challenging.

Whether it’s staff ratio’s, EYFS and OFSTED requirements, or any of the numerous HR challenges that the nursery industry is faced with, as a nursery owner, you’ve got your work cut out.

The burden on the nursery business owner has only grown over the last few years – there are more boxes to tick, more policies to implement, and more traps and pitfalls, all making your life harder, and your chances of ending up in an employment tribunal higher.

HR 4 Nurseries exists to help you deal with these challenges, without it taking your time and focus; reducing your risk of employment tribunals, and helping you manage your nursery in a way that works for you and your employees.

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HR services for nurseries

Whatever HR service you’re currently looking for, we can help:

Nursery HR Healthcheck

We offer a one-off HR Healthcheck, where we go through all of your HR documentation with a fine toothcomb, exposing any errors or weaknesses and giving you recommendations to ensure that your nursery is protected by your HR documentation.

When we check your HR for you, you’ll get a bespoke report, highlighting your areas of weaknesses and providing recommendations for how you can improve them, so you’ll get complete clarity on the right way forward.

If you suspect that what you’ve got in place isn’t tiptop, then it’s best to get that sorted sooner rather than later. Call us now on 01980 878698 or click here to book a call to talk to us about our HR Healthcheck service.

Employment Contracts

Contracts are a critical part of effective HR – with proper, legal contracts in place, you’re in a very strong position.

Unfortunately, over the years, lots of nurseries have ended up putting together their own contracts, downloading a template off the internet and amending a few things on it.

Put simply: if you’ve done this, you need to take immediate action.

Employment law changes regularly, and unless you’re up to speed on exactly what needs to be in a nursery employment contract, you should be leaving the contract drafting to a professional.

We can take care of the whole contract drafting process for you – to talk to us about contracts, call us on 01980 878698, or click here to book a call.

Employee Handbook

We recommend all our nursery clients have an employee handbook – it gives your employees complete clarity on what’s expected of them.

In it, you’re able to set out everything they’ll need to know about their employment with you, from what they should do when planning annual leave, through to how to call in sick.

With a comprehensive handbook in place, you give your staff all the tools to work effectively for you, while also protecting yourself if there are any issues further down the line.

To talk to us about compiling your employee handbook, or reviewing your current one, just call us on 01980 878698, or click below to book a call.

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People Advisor Membership

Our People Advisor service is run in conjunction with our parent company J Mann Associates.

For one monthly investment, you’ll get everything you need to stay legal, get compliant and build your nursery business successfully.

As well as your own dedicated point of contact for all things HR, you’ll also get 60 minutes of telephone support each and every month to deal with the issues that crop up, as well as access to a private Facebook community and monthly training sessions, delivered by our founder Jacqui.

To head over to J Mann Associates and find out more about People Advisor membership, click here now.

HR Advice

With decades of nursery-specific HR experience, we’ve come across hundreds of issues and problems, and solved them.

If you’ve got a question or a problem, and you need some one-off advice, we can help - click here to purchase a 15-minute block now, or email us at [email protected]

HR Consultancy

We’ve acted as HR consultants for nurseries for the last two decades, and we’d be delighted to talk to you about working together, whether:

  • You need your entire HR strategy rejigged from top to bottom
  • You’re looking to buy, sell or scale a business, and need to make sure that you’re doing everything by the book
  • You need to make redundancies
  • You’re looking to terminate someone’s employment
  • You’ve got specific issues with behaviour or performance that need addressing

Whatever you need, if you’re a nursery owner and you need HR help, HR 4 Nurseries is the perfect place for you. 

Call us on 01980 878698, or click here to book a call.


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