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Not our words! Those of a happy client, but we’re not going to argue with them! It sums up everything we aim to be and everything we believe we are.


Who doesn’t need support with the ever changing world of HR these days. We’ll support your nursery with any employment law needs you have be it updated contracts or dealing with a very tricky employee!


Everyone likes to think they’ve hired the best staff for the job, we all do. But when your faced with that problem member you need a company behind you who is fast to respond and deal with the issue in hand before it disrupts your nursery.


We offer an extremely professional and reliable HR service which can save you both time and energy not having to wade through piles of employment paperwork whilst keeping all documents up to date.


Our team are the friendliest bunch you’ll meet. We get to know you and your team, allowing us to always find the best solution to fit your needs. We don’t try to fit you into a mould, the same solution doesn’t always suit everyone.

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